About Us

Looking for Trustworthy Water Well Maintenance in New Mexico?

Williams Windmill was established in April, 1976 by Matt Williams, primarily as a sales and service source for windmills, new and rebuilt. At this time, many windmills were being replaced or backed up by submersible pumps, run by generators, where commercial electricity was not available, so we soon became pump suppliers, as well.

Over the years, Williams Windmill made a commitment to expanding our inventory capability, and we soon started to carry one of the largest windmill inventories in New Mexico pertaining to water pumping, transporting, and storage. Our stock covers solar pumping systems, including PV panels, AC submersible pumps, PVC pipe, poly pipe, PEX and steel pipe, poly tanks, rubber tire troughs, HD galvanized and poly troughs, barbed wire and t-posts, structured steel and pipe, and every fitting imaginable. If, by chance, we don’t currently carry an item you require for your windmill system, Williams Windmill can place an order for it and acquire it within a few business days.

We’re proud to serve our local community and provide cost-effective solutions for any water or well project. On behalf of everyone at Williams Windmill, we want to thank all our customers for their patronage and we look forward to serving the Southwest for another 40 years!

If you have any questions regarding our company or if you would like to discuss your water well system needs with an expert, we invite you to contact us at 575-835-1630 today.